Incognite Team launches new dark web forum Libre Forum

During the shutdown and update of Dread, the largest forum on the dark web, the Incognite Team launched a new dark web forum, the Libre Forum, stating that "with the launch of the Libre Forum we hope to provide the community with an alternative to discussing their ideas without fear of being prosecuted for tyranny."

The Incognite team claims to challenge dictatorship like kryptonite challenges Superman. the Incognite team says it builds cutting-edge innovations to help fight for democracy and achieve the true American dream, providing the life of dreams where there are no prying eyes, no constraints, no bureaucratic red tape, and the freedom to choose what you want.

The Incognite team says it is committed to providing services that further expand the boundaries of freedom and counter-surveillance. In response to situations where "governments and authorities monitor the daily lives of internet users and enact laws that violate their freedoms", the Incognite team strives to use its technology to fight back and try to make a difference here.

The Incognite team operates a dark web marketplace on the dark web, Incognito Market, which it claims "offers the best security, user-friendly interface and simplified user experience to buy anything you want. True free trade starts here."

Incognito Market's dark web address:




Incognito Market's I2P URL:


Incognito Market's explicit web-hopping URL:

After the Dread forum was forced to shut down its site for updates due to a DDoS attack that lasted for months, the Incognite team launched its dark web forum, Libre Forum, to steal the share of dark web users from the Dread forum.

Libre Forum, a new forum coded from scratch, claims to want to provide the dark web community with an alternative to freely discussing the ideas of dark web users. They are still in the early stages of building the site, so there is a lot to look forward to. The forum has a nice user interface and full functionality, and access is relatively fast.

The Libre Forum's dark web address:


If its dark web service is under DDoS attack and the above URL is inaccessible, the Incognite team has also provided the explicit URL at:

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