Deutsche Welle’s dark web site upgraded with V3 domain name

Deutsche Welle is a public international broadcaster funded by the German government budget and provides information services on radio, television and the Internet. The content focuses on international current affairs, but also includes an introduction to Germany and bilateral exchanges between Germany and other countries.

The Deutsche Welle website is a multimedia, interactive online service of Deutsche Welle. It provides current news and background reports about Germany, the European Union and the world in 30 languages. It provides daily updates on current affairs, economy, culture and sports, information on how to study in Germany and travel in Europe.

Deutsche Welle claims to be a global advocate for freedom of opinion and expression, and in 2020, with the support of the OTF (Open Technology Fund) and the Tor Project, it offered an onion service by building a mirror proxy to allow access to DW web content via Tor URLs.

Deutsche Welle's dark web V2 domain name is

As the Tor Project approaches the point of phasing out the V2 domain name to adopt the "Onion v3 standard", Deutsche Welle has updated its dark web V3 domain name to

The V3 domain name does not need to be remembered, after all, no one can remember the 56 characters, when using the Tor browser to access it, just type: to jump.

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