DEFCON, the world’s largest cybersecurity conference, launches three dark web V3 onion sites in late 2017

DEFCON (also written as DEF CON, Defcon, or DC) is one of the largest computer security conferences in the world and has been held annually since June 1993 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

DEFCON is attended by computer security experts, journalists, lawyers, government employees, security researchers, students, and hackers who have an interest in the security field, covering areas such as software security, computer architecture, radio eavesdropping, hardware modification, and other information areas that are vulnerable to attack.

The conference featured sharing of cutting-edge technologies, as well as cybersecurity challenges and competitions (wargames). The competitions held during the event ranged from creating the longest Wi-Fi connection (aircrack-ng) to finding the most effective way to cool beer in the Nevada heat. In addition, the conference has hosted other events, some of which are still being held today, such as a technical lockpicking contest, Defcon robotics competition, hacker art show, binge drinking coffee, scavenger hunt or capture the flag (CTF). Probably the most famous of these competitions is Capture the Flag. In the competition, teams of computer hackers will compete in an offensive and defensive contest against computers in a network, using specialized software and a special network structure. CTF competitions have been introduced (as a red team exercise) at many other academic or military technical conferences.

U.S. federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, the Department of Defense, the Postal Inspection Service, and the Department of Homeland Security also routinely have employees participating in the event.

When Tor announced at DEF CON 26 a major update to their .onion service, Version 3, which greatly improves the stability and security of .onion sites, DEFCON then launched three V3 mirror sites for .onion domains.

Ⅰ. Main site

Clearnet address.

Darknet address:


Ⅱ.Media subsite

Clearnet address:

Darknet address:


Ⅲ.Group subsite

Clearnet address:

Darknet address:


DEFCON is the earliest use of V3 onion domain name of the site, but also witnessed Tor's security enhancements, the URL please collect.

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