24 suspected fraudulent dark web sites marked by List dark web directory

There are countless scam websites on the dark web. As a public dark web information site, here are some suspected scam websites on the dark web (content comes from List dark web navigation: http://anwanglist6rbv7v.onion ):

1. Darknet China (prices are displayed in U.S. dollars, sales data, tutorials, services, cvv, film and television, physical objects, chess and cards, gambling, online loans, finance, business and other types of goods.)


Netizen tor555 commented: I was deceived, Nima. Blame yourself, the scammer's website is obvious, and you can't see the reply .

2. Chinese dark web transactions-Road to Time (guaranteed sales platform, transactions in US dollars, sales of guns, death certificates, relocation ID cards, electronic equipment, etc.)


Netizen lol999 commented: Liar site, do not explain .

3. Silk Road secured transactions (guaranteed sales platform, transactions in U.S. dollars, sales of hacking tools, related tutorials, Apple series, drugs, and illicit tools.)


Netizen 000 commented: btc can't be transferred to the account, don't be fooled .

Fourth, steal incense in the dark night (the website is divided into two parts: trading platform and blog. The homepage has bitcoin, domestic credit card, dollar, iphone11 pro Max 512G sales. Click "Articles" in the navigation bar, and several blog posts will appear.)


Netizen floor 5 commented: This is a scam website, damn it, I was cheated by them .

5. CARDEDSTORE (selling major brands of mobile phones, computers, Amazon gift cards, VISA virtual/physical cards)


Netizen floor 1 commented: Liar, cheated three thousand .

6. Alibaba (transactions in Bitcoin and U.S. dollars, sales data, tutorials, services, CVV, film and television, banned books, physical objects, purchases, chess and cards, online loans, finance, industry and commerce, and other commodities.)


Netizen Feifei commented: Yesterday, I was so angry that I was cheated of a thousand yuan by this website .

7. Ali marketplace (trade in Bitcoin and U.S. dollars and sell drugs, guns, credit cards, Bitcoin and other commodities.)


Netizen resistance commented: Lao Tzu, a garbage scammer, bought 6 **** and 70 kg** and did not send it to Lao Tzu.

8. Darknet Chinese Guaranteed Trading Market (Registration by email is required, and the price is displayed in U.S. dollars. It mainly buys and sells physical virtual goods, which will be converted to Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum during payment and settlement.)


Netizen ex commented: Disgusting to the extreme, fraudulent website, defrauded of 1,000 dollars .
Netizen made commented: Being cheated of US$2,800, mmp, there will be no pie in the sky .

9. Apple flagship store-Apple store (Apple flagship store dark web traditional Chinese store, selling all kinds of Apple products at low prices.)


Netizens too fake to comment: fake, don’t be fooled .

10. The whispers of a few people (The website is divided into two parts: trading platform and blog. The homepage has bitcoin, domestic credit card, US dollars, iphone11 pro Max 512G sales. Click "Articles" in the navigation bar and several blog posts will appear.)


Netizen xssdsd commented: Fraud, I was deceived by 0.22BTc the day before yesterday .
Netizens commented on Floor 8 : large fraud sites .

11. easyCARDS (selling prepaid cards and credit cards)


A netizen on Floor 6 commented: The customer service emails were returned very quickly before payment, and there was no news when the currency was hit .

12. Queens Cash (transaction in Bitcoin, selling cash that should have been destroyed)


A netizen anonymous commented: This is a fake, and the courier number will not be given after paying .

13. iPhones-Apple World (Sell Apple products at low prices, including iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, Apple Watch (global sales), and disable virtual currency transactions on the dark web)


Netizen floor 3 commented: fake, fraud .

14. WackyWeed _ Weedy (sell marijuana and products using marijuana as raw materials, there are coupons. Transaction in the form of Bitcoin)


Netizen Jenny Turtle commented: The webpage is very exquisite, the speed is fast, and the products are very complete. The key point is "the price is very low." Don't go out. Most of them are liars .

15.Financial Oasis _ The Dark Side (Financial Oasis _ The Dark Side)


Netizen 123 commented: Fake, transfer money will not be shipped .

16. ALPHA CARDS (sales of credit cards and transfers to W-UNIONPAYPAL and PAYPAL)


Netizen linxi commented: fraudulent website, paid but did not ship .

17. Darknet Chinese Trading Forum (Chinese Darknet Trading Forum, with a lot of visitors.)


Netizen 111 commented: The minimum cash withdrawal amount for this seller is $500, which is too bad .
Netizen rf commented: Liar, don't go .

18. Freedom Finance-MoneyGram-Moneybookers-Western Union-Gift Card-Prepaid Debit Cards (sales of credit cards, transfers, gift cards)


Netizen father commented: The scammer’s website waited 24 hours and didn’t return the email address filled in by the app to find him. Ask him other questions in another mailbox and reply. One hundred percent liar .
Netizen FF commented: Similarly, Amazon did not reply .
Netizen F made a comment: The customer service is always those few words without seeing the delivery for two days .
Netizen Life Zhiyuan commented: Buying an Amazon gift card, saying that it will be shipped one to six hours after the purchase. It hasn’t been shipped for almost a day now, and I don’t reply to customer service .

19. Horizon Store (monthly billing, sales of electronic, physical credit cards and other related services)


Netizen Floor 3 commented: Fraud, payment? The merchant will not ship .

20.Twenty, netAuth (platform for purchasing Paypal accounts and credit cards)


Friends I nay sayers comment: md is a cheat grass .

21.Twenty-one, hacker rental platform-Internet, please rest assured to let us. (Recruiting hackers and hacker websites. Has more than 50 hackers, has been in business for more than eight years, has more than 2,000 trusted users, and has tens of thousands of perfect commissions. Email and platform contact needs.)


A netizen on Floor 5 commented: The scam website is dead in the sun pit . Don't believe it .

22.Twenty-two. Rent-A-Hacker – Hire a hacker for every job you can imagine, from DDOS to completely ruining people or destroy reputation of a company or individual (Provide hacker services, you can attack the website, you can also conduct similar private Detective's work)


The netizen victim commented: The fraudulent website did not confirm the order for half a year after paying the amount .

23. Darknet China Adult Station (You need to pay 0.003BTC to become a member to watch pornographic videos.)


Netizen floor 3 commented: nothing can be loaded after payment. Only endless loading .
A netizen on Floor 4 commented: I have been unable to log in after registering. I waited for a long time for the logo to circle around. The same is true for trying to contact the manager. The loading circle keeps rotating .

24. Darknet Chinese Market


Netizen alexhome commented: Me too, I was cheated of $2500. This bunch of beasts. The sky thunders! ! ! .
Netizens Lala commented: I only announced this when I was cheated on buying things on this forum. No one is talking here for no reason. http://wiki5ulzaf2sbi7w.onion (the so-called dark web Chinese market). There are not many products, each They all look attractive. I was deceived because I was deceived, so I suggest you keep your eyes open and just say so much .
Netizen maxmila commented: This so-called dark web Chinese forum is a trading website that specializes in defrauding Chinese people. They use their transaction records to leave messages. Once you trade your anonymous bitcoin transfer to their account, it will fall into the sea .

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