Wuxi police successfully cracked China’s first “darknet” platform case

Modern Express (reporter Zhu Jingrun) spreads obscene videos and pictures on the dark web ... The dark web exists just like the Internet, but requires special procedures to enter. Due to its anonymity and non-traceability, some people will use the dark web to publish illegal information and trade illegal items. On May 7, a reporter from Hyundai Express learned from the news briefing held by Wuxi Police that in 2019 Wuxi Police punched hard and successfully cracked the country's first darknet platform case.

△ Screenshot of the dark web site page for the police

In July 2019, under the guidance of the Cyber ​​Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and the Cyber ​​Security Corps of the Jiangsu Provincial Public Security Department, the Wuxi Police formed a strategic alliance with Tencent Wangyu, Weibu Online and other well-known domestic network security companies to fully integrate police technology Taking advantage of his strength, he launched a special investigation on an obscene and pornographic website set up on the dark web. After investigation, the dark web site is full of obscene videos and pictures, with more than 60,000 registered members.

The Wuxi police immediately mobilized capable personnel to set up a task force. After two months of intensive work, they overcame many difficulties such as high technical threshold, strong anti-detection awareness of the suspects, and difficulty in obtaining evidence from the "dark web". In one fell swoop, the true identity of the website sponsor is locked. Immediately, the task force turned to Shijiazhuang, Beijing, Beijing and other places and successfully arrested the suspect Wang Mou who started the dark web site.

The Wuxi police said that after 1980, Wang was studying computer science at the university, and had also opened some websites, and he was very proficient in the Internet. After arriving in the case, Wang had an extremely bad attitude, no guilt, and the electronic equipment used in self-confidence was a strong encryption system. The darknet website he built was difficult to trace to the source. He believed that it was impossible for the public security organ to grasp the facts of the crime. Resist review. The ad hoc team immediately deployed a number of key personnel, continuously carried out technical forensics, and combined with international law enforcement cooperation, finally obtained the key evidence such as the suspect leasing the overseas server to build the website, registering the domain name purchase and overseas account capital transactions, forming a complete evidence chain, which confirmed the crime All criminal acts of the suspect.

The prosecution department believes that the evidence obtained by the ad hoc group is conclusive and clear, and that the evidence chain is complete enough to determine the facts of the crime, and Wang can be arrested under the premise of "zero confessions" for the crime of spreading pornographic materials for profit. In the face of a large number of facts and evidence, Wang ’s psychological defense line finally collapsed, and he finally explained all the criminal facts of building pornographic websites and spreading obscene materials on the dark web for profit. On January 8, 2020, the criminal suspect Wang was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment by the Xishan District People's Court of Wuxi City.

According to Wuxi Police, crimes involving darknet platforms are still a problem faced by police around the world. Previously, only a few successful cases such as the "Silk Road" cracked by the United States and the "Wall Street Market" cracked by Germany were directly hit. The case not only effectively combated the arrogance of using the dark web to carry out illegal activities, but also provided new ideas for public security organs throughout the country to investigate and crack down on dark web cases.

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