The “largest” Chinese trading market on the Dark Web

Recently, "ODN(" reported a suspected runaway incident of the well-known Chinese dark web trading platform "The Ancient Tea Horse Road". Recently, many netizens asked about any reliable trading platforms on the dark web. Some netizens After the recommendation, "ODN" did a preliminary research. Here I will introduce you to the "largest" Chinese trading market on the darknet : "Chinese Darknet Trading Market".

First look at the official introduction of the trading market:

This site has been in operation for more than eight years. In recent years, the global sensational hackers, infiltrations and other incidents in the international media have all come from this dark web.
The predecessor of the website is [Darknet Chinese Forum], which should be at the request of users on the site (digital currency Rise), and gradually transformed into a dark web trading market.
This site does not have any sub-sites. Please recognize the address of this site. At present, many on the Internet pretend to be this site to scam money. For various reasons, users are not allowed to withdraw money.

It seems very reliable. The website claims that it has a history of more than eight years, and it is always considered by netizens to prevent everyone from being deceived. However, according to "ODN" , the threshold for activation of the website after registration is extremely high. It claims to be "in order to prevent the release of spam, to post transactions on this site, to consult transactions, relevant permissions must be activated". details as follows:

  1. For publishing permissions for 3 months, a fee of 0.0002 BTC is required to release new transactions or information within three months;
  2. For publishing permissions for 12 months, a fee of 0.00051 BTC is required to release new transactions or information within one year;
  3. For three-month reply authority, a fee of 0.0001 BTC is required to respond to inquiries within three months;
  4. For a
    12-month reply authority, a fee of 0.00025 BTC is required to respond to inquiries within one year.

The website only supports Bitcoin payments. According to the current Bitcoin price, the cost of activation permission is not very high. However, looking at the website, there are almost no new posts in many sections, and the most active "data resources" section has new posts. There was almost no reply. It seems that this request for activation permission restricts the communication of many dark web netizens, resulting in low website activity. This is a bit inconsistent with the Chinese trading market that many people call the "largest " dark web. "ODN" feels that its activity may not be as active as the "Ancient Tea Horse Road".

Some netizens who are familiar with the website said: The website used to log in with an account name before, but inexplicably changed it to log in with a user code, questioning its irregular slaughter. There are also netizens who said whether the trading market is the largest in Chinese on the dark web, but the onion domain name should be the most. "ODN" found 18 onion domain names from the website description. The website entrance address is:
almvdkg6vrpmkvk4 .onion

The official website recommends the use of:

In addition, "ODN" found that the security tips of the trading market are still deliberate:

Onion routing is protecting your privacy and security, the globally recognized anonymous protection network.
There is no manual customer service communication, sellers please remember not to disturb the order of dark web transactions and be clever.
Violations such as fraud, reselling, intimidation, and shoddy Good, induce contact outside the station, etc.
Purchases need to be paid first, please insist on releasing the money after receiving the goods, do not release money outside the station or in advance, and do not trust others.

The basic knowledge that new users need to read is also detailed:

First, in the dark network trading, will not reveal their network information?
Answer: Absolutely not, the onion routing network of the dark web, is the world recognized anonymous network, by the U.S. Navy organization responsible for the free world, even Congress, the FBI can not penetrate.
Second, the transaction data, the user left text information is safe?
Answer: Absolutely reliable, there is no leakage. According to the latest black box test, the effect is more satisfactory. Nine years of safe operation, also proved the reliability of the site's data.
Note 1. The server has a self-destruct setting, which will be automatically turned on if there is a strong attack that is unpredictable. It is better to destroy the data than to have a leakage accident. This ensures absolute security.
Note 2. All incoming and outgoing bitcoin funds go through a strict coin mix. It is broadcasted by Onion Routing. Ensure that big data analysis is circumvented.
What is the most important security knowledge that users need to pay attention to?
Answer: Chain of custody security and avoiding off-site connections. 1. chain of custody, is the easiest, most easily verifiable means of investigation, and any caution you may have is right. 2. off-site connections, communicate off-site with people outside of the Onion network.
Off-site contact can reveal information about your network, and if the person has an ulterior motive, you will reveal your Internet location, Internet access device, and personal information.
Since you enter the dark web for privacy and security, why violate the principle of off-site contact?
At the same time, except for the advertising area, other areas of the site is prohibited off-site contact, whether you actively or passively present off-site contact needs, will be punished by the site.
IV. What behaviors are considered as disturbing the order of the dark web transactions?
Answer: There is no human customer service for instant communication on the Dark Web, and the management regularly inspects the website for problems and disputes. Disrupting the order of trading on the Dark Web is highly frowned upon.
The fact that no identification information is required to register an account on the Dark Web has led to a steady stream of people attempting to defraud the Dark Web, and common disruptions are:
Posting fraudulent transactions that cannot be carried out in reality or where the seller simply cannot provide the goods. Luring buyers to place coins.
Posting transactions that induce buyers to make off-site secondary investments for fraudulent purposes.
Buyers (sellers) posting off-site contact information or asking for off-site contact information in the transaction introduction or transaction discussion response.
Posting non-merchandise for sale information such as requests, inquiries, and advertisements in the For Sale section.
Posting deals indiscriminately, without regard to the content partition. Repeatedly posting, and continuing to do so after warnings
Selling other people's virtual goods, especially data, etc.
Those who disrupt the trading order will be blocked and removed from the trading market, and will not accept attempts to communicate with those who have been blocked to save them.
V. The basic knowledge that buyers should pay attention to.
Answer: Have a sense of financial security, to prevent falling into fraudulent scams. Do not put forward off-site contact needs and be punished as a fishing. 1. carefully read the seller's introduction, not detailed do not buy, not clearly introduced, to ask the seller in the reply can reach. 2. have any doubts and suspicions, [hang up the transaction], to prevent automatic release of funds to the seller. 3. do not take the initiative to release coins before verifying that the goods can be used well, once released, the other party can Once the coins are released, the other party can withdraw the coins out of the station, can not be recovered. If a seller threatens not to give the goods without coins, complain directly, do not continue with its nonsense.4. Any seller claims to have a deep relationship with the site, or veteran users, etc. by the site's favoritism, are absolutely impossible, do not believe.5. Except for the advertising area, do not show off-site contact or ask the other party off-site contact, the site will not communicate with you when blocking whether it is a phishing scam.
Please note that the transaction complaint verification processing, is the site management mechanism, and sellers have nothing to do. Do not trust the bad sellers claiming how their skills to deceive buyers.
Six, sellers should pay attention to the basic knowledge.
Answer: First of all, disrupting the transaction order of the release of goods for sale will certainly be dealt with. Second, there are indeed goods need to sell, and ready to ship the handover, and then post the goods for sale.
You are not bullying the buyer's ignorance by posting fraudulent, upselling and other transactions, you are challenging the site's ability to manage.
Fraud, disorderly people will certainly be blocked, some products for sale, not fraud and disruption, but if the following conditions are included, will be taken down. After repeatedly disobeying the warnings and discouragement will be blocked.1,The price of the goods is not clear, not the price of the goods clearly marked [insincere sale] 2, Some of the unrealistic and violent money-making projects [no hard work on the project to earn a lot of money, you are not cheating buyers, is challenging the power of the site] 6. Note: the site penalizes the real demand, the market does lack of non-fraudulent channel] 7. After a comprehensive review, the actual value of the goods is not large, the table network can be seen everywhere, no need to exist in the dark web trading market 11. 52. Shipping information for off-site contact

As for whether the trading market is reliable or not, "ODN" will continue to follow up.

For more darknet news, please follow "ODN" .

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