Suqian police cracked a case involving the illegal use of the “dark web” information network

Recently, the Suqian Public Security Bureau, Suyu Branch, Jiangsu Province, in the "Net 2020" special operation, cracked a use of the "dark web" to sell bridges and build navigation sites to promote the illegal use of information networks, arrested three suspects involved in the case, knocked out the "dark web" platform involved in one.

In January this year, the police in Cuyu found in the work, there are netizens in the jurisdiction of the dark network engaged in illegal trading activities.

Wang Lin, deputy captain of the Internet Security Brigade, Suyu Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Suqian City: The "dark web" is a network hidden under the surface of the Internet. The content cannot be accessed through regular search engines and requires a series of special operations or Access can only be carried out with the assistance of special software.

The police investigation found that the login software used by Zhang was purchased by a user named "Grey Airport". Because the "dark web" has the characteristics of anonymity, it is easy to breed all kinds of illegal crimes that use the Internet as a linking tool. Cracking down on "dark web" crimes has become the focus of international cybersecurity governance.

After 7 months of investigation, the police successfully locked the user, whose real identity was Wang Mou, an operation and maintenance officer of a network technology company in Fujian. In July this year, the police arrested Wang.

Wang Lin, deputy captain of the Internet Security Brigade of the Suyu Branch of the Suqian Public Security Bureau: We arrested 11 people on and off the assembly line, including Wang Mou, on October 27 in Guangdong, Hunan and other provinces and cities based on the flow of funds of the persons involved. At present, the "dark web" (navigation) platform has been destroyed by our police, and the case is still under trial.

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