Students illegally obtain and sell personal information of citizens nearly 90 million times

Recently, Ma, who was suspected of using the "dark web" to illegally obtain and sell citizens' personal information, was sentenced by the court to three years in prison and four years of probation.

According to investigations, college student Ma violated national laws and regulations. From May 2019 to September 2019, he used his mobile phone and laptop to enter the Free State Forum on the "dark web" and illegally obtained and stored a large amount of citizens’ personal information. On Baidu network disk, MGEA cloud disk and laptop hard disk, 28 transaction topics involving citizens' personal information were released through QQ groups and "Chinese Dark Web" platforms. A total of 18,541,572 items of citizens' personal information were released, and the sales transaction record was 131 There are 70 transactions and purchase records, and a total of 88,782,175 person-times of citizens’ personal information were traded in batches. Ma confessed to his crimes, took the initiative to confess, voluntarily pleaded guilty, repented, and took the initiative to pay fines and return the stolen money. After review by the Taihe District Procuratorate of Jinzhou City, it was found that the circumstances of Ma’s selling citizens’ personal information to others were particularly serious, the facts of the crime were clear, and the evidence was reliable and sufficient. He should be investigated for criminal responsibility for the crime of infringing on citizens’ personal information, and prosecuted him accordingly. . Later, the court accepted the accusation of the Taihe District Procuratorate and sentenced Ma to three years in prison, suspended for four years, and fined 20,000 yuan for the crime of infringing on citizens' personal information.

[Prosecutor's statement] According to the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China, anyone who violates relevant national regulations and sells or provides personal information of citizens to others, if the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention, and a fine or a fine; the circumstances are particularly serious Those who are sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years shall be fined. The prosecutor reminded that with the continuous development of Internet technology, citizens’ personal information is illegally obtained and used by others. The security of citizens’ personal information is greatly threatened. Criminals often use illegally obtained citizens’ personal information to carry out other illegal acts. . Therefore, as ordinary citizens, we must pay attention to protecting our own information; as units or individuals that legally obtain citizens' personal information, we must further strengthen legal awareness and must not illegally provide citizens' personal information to others.

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