Police in Zhuhai, Guangdong dismantle a suspected “darknet” gang that sells citizens’ information

  Gaolangang Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Zhuhai City in Guangdong disclosed on the 3rd that the Bureau successfully detected the “4.14'Dark Web' Infringement of Citizens' Personal Information Case” supervised by the Ministry of Public Security, arrested 3 suspects involved in the case, and seized a batch of individuals Information tools such as computers, mobile phones, bank cards, etc.

  In early April of this year, some people reported that he met a netizen who claimed to be able to sell citizens’ personal information on an overseas chat software and received the relevant model. After paying, he immediately received dozens of personal privacy messages from the netizen. . After inspection by the public security department, it was found that these dozens of personal privacy information were exactly the same as the query records of the public security department.

  After careful investigation, the police of the task force immediately went to Hunan, Zhejiang and other places to start the net collection operation, and successfully arrested the criminal suspects Zhu Moupo and Zhao Mou. The police handling the case continued to fight and arrested another criminal suspect Liu Xing on April 22 in Xingtai, Hebei.

  After interrogation, the gang first published a large number of posts on the "Dark Web" forum by Zhu Moupo to provide file search, check accommodation, check identity information, and set up a telegraph exchange group for querying transactions. When someone asked, Zhu Moupo asked for a price of 800 yuan for a national house opening record, 500 yuan for vehicle trajectory, 100 yuan for household registration information, etc. After negotiation, establish a peer-to-peer connection, use Bitcoin to collect money, and then contact the middle The merchant went to Zhao somewhere to inquire for feedback and make profits at every level.

  According to the criminal suspect's statement, the gang has a clear hierarchy and a clear division of labor. There are 2 core members and 7 subordinate sellers. They have profited nearly 100,000 yuan from the sale of citizen-related information. At present, the criminal suspects Zhu Moupo, Zhao Mou and Liu Mou have been detained in criminal detention. The case is still being processed further.

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