Police in Luzhou, Sichuan caught nine suspects selling citizens’ personal information on the dark web

On January 5, the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Bureau announced the top ten typical cases of "Net 2020" special operation, including the case of Wang Mou in Luzhou who allegedly infringed on citizens' personal information. The "Net 2020" special action ten typical cases, including the "net 2020".

On December 13, 2019, Luzhou public security authorities received a superior tip that an Internet user was suspected of engaging in illegal activities on the dark web. After meticulous investigation successfully detected a dark network trafficking of citizens' personal information case, arrested Wang Mou and other nine suspects, seized more than 2.9 million pieces of personal information of citizens.

After investigation, Wang Mou, Guo Mou and other people have logged on to visit the "dark net Chinese trading forum" many times since March 2018, repeatedly buying citizens' personal information from others, and then contacting their subordinates for trafficking through a variety of chat software, making illegal profits of more than 230,000 yuan.

The police have been able to arrest five suspects, including Qin Mouhong, and seize nine cell phones and more than 200,000 yuan in cash, and seize more than 1 million pieces of personal data of citizens. The suspects Qin Mouhong and others confessed to the criminal fact that they purchased the personal data of citizens to issue loans to implement network fraud.

Police tip, in the era of network information, the case of leakage of personal information of citizens is repeated, the occurrence of the case once again for us to sound the alarm. On the one hand, as individual citizens should properly protect their personal information, do not fill out their real information on some unknown websites or software, especially name, ID number, education, family members, bank card number, etc.. If you meet a stranger who knows your information, you must be vigilant and check the situation to avoid being cheated, or change the account information or password if necessary, and report to the police in case of damage to your property, goods or personal safety. On the other hand, as a unit or individual who has personal information of citizens shall not illegally collect, use, process, transmit, trade, provide or disclose personal information of citizens, do not touch the red line of the law for selfish interests, otherwise they will bear the corresponding civil liability and even criminal liability.

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