Ningbo police uncovered the first case of using “darknet” to violate citizens’ personal information

  According to the China Central Radio and Television "Yangguang Night News" reported by CCTV, let's talk about the "dark web". What is the dark web? Simply put, it is a hidden network that cannot be searched by search engines such as Baidu. In this network, there are hidden secrets. Recently, the police in Fenghua District, Ningbo City, through careful investigation, cracked Ningbo’s first case of infringement of citizens’ personal information, and these citizens’ personal information was stored on the “dark web” as a transaction.

  In mid-April of this year, the Internet Police Brigade of the Public Security Branch of Fenghua District, Ningbo City discovered a trading platform during online inspections. The posts in it were all selling personal information of citizens. The police carried out a special investigation and learned about the website and general website The difference is in the "dark web". Zhao Haixin, the policeman of the Net Police Brigade of the Public Security Branch of Fenghua District, said:

  Zhao Haixin: The dark web is not searchable by ordinary users through search engines such as Baidu. Access to the dark web requires specific software or specific authorization to log in. Due to the anonymity and strong encryption characteristics of the dark web, various kinds of illegal crimes that use the dark web as a ditch chain tool have spawned, such as buying and selling personal personal information of citizens and selling various hacking tools.

  The police inspected a post on the sale of personal information of citizens released in early April. The transaction in it was just like an ordinary shopping website. Buyers and sellers can communicate after they have communicated their needs and prices. Zhao Haixin said that the police finally locked Zhang Mouhui in a certain place in Hebei and suspected of committing a major crime. After drawing up a work plan, they immediately launched an arrest operation in front of Hebei.

  Zhao Haixin: After the arresters arrived in the area, they found that the village had complicated roads, independent courtyards, no house signs, and high walls all around. The monitoring was intensive, which made the arrest work difficult. The special class immediately adjusted the arrest plan, and after a long period of squatting, successfully captured Zhang Mouhui on April 27.

  After Zhang Huihui’s case of infringement of citizens’ personal information was successfully resolved, the Fenghua cyber police continued to dig deeper and expand the line to investigate. On May 2, the investigators found another Dong, who was an agent of the "Australian Parkway" foreign exchange platform, suspected of using the "dark web" to illegally obtain personal personal information of citizens and use it for marketing activities.

  Zhao Haixin: The types of personal information of citizens sold on the dark web include ID data, bank card data and insurance data. The seller will according to the weight of various data, according to the price of a few cents to several thousand yuan or Sold in packages.

  On May 7, the Fenghua police rushed to Gongshu District, Hangzhou. With the assistance of the Hangzhou police, the criminal suspect Dong Mou was arrested and more than 10,000 pieces of identity data purchased from the dark web were seized on the on-site computer.

  According to Dong Mou, he is mainly engaged in the foreign exchange industry. He is currently acting as a platform agent on a website. In order to expand the customer base, he often learns various marketing techniques. He learned the darknet technology through overseas video websites and tried to log in to the darknet to view Information, he browsed to a "handheld ID card" product, thought it was cheap and could use the information to register a platform account to increase his commission ratio, so he used Bitcoin to buy 10,000 sets of front and back photos of ID cards ID photo.

  At present, Zhang Mouhui and Dong Mou have been taken criminally by the police for criminal infringement of citizens' personal information. At present, the case is still under investigation.

  According to the police, the dark web mainly deals with bitcoin. It is very difficult to detect the true identity of the two parties to the transaction, and the concealment of the crime is very high. At present, the police have discovered a large number of uncontrolled dark web sites from the physical evidence of the survey. These sites are illegal trading platforms, which provide clues for the police's further actions. Gu Dongjie, leader of the Net Police Brigade of the Public Security Branch of Fenghua District, said:

  Gu Dongjie: So I want to remind the majority of netizens that they must raise their awareness of prevention and do not easily believe the information about the online virtual world. The Internet is not an extra-legal place, you must abide by the relevant regulations, surf the Internet civilizedly, and surf the Internet rationally and safely.

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