Nearly 900 million citizens’ personal information is being trafficked, Shanxi police cut down the “dark web.”

  After more than three months of continuous fighting, the Shanxi police moved to Jiangxi, Shanghai, Sichuan, Fujian, Guangdong and other places to destroy a very large criminal group selling personal information, and successfully cut off a piece of "dark web" that used the "dark web" to send citizens to fraud groups inside and outside the country. Information benefit chain, seized nearly 900 million pieces of illegally obtained citizens’ personal information, and arrested 7 criminal suspects. This case is the first case in Shanxi Province where the "dark web" infringed on citizens' personal information led by the prefectural and municipal public security organs to conduct a full-chain attack.

  Since May of this year, the police from the Cybersecurity Detachment of the Luliang City Public Security Bureau discovered during online inspections: Yang, a masse in the jurisdiction, sold a large amount of order data on shopping websites on the Internet and was suspected of trafficking in citizens' personal information. The investigation by the police found that the suspect used the "dark web" to sell the personal information of citizens across the country, such as online shopping, which could easily lead to the use of personal information privacy to commit fraud and other illegal and criminal activities, causing immeasurable losses.

  Due to the serious circumstances of the case, the Public Security Bureau of Luliang City immediately organized the establishment of a special case team to fully carry out the investigation of the case. Through the Shanxi public security big data platform, the police of the task force, after careful investigation and careful research and judgment, attacked decisively and promptly arrested the two suspects involved in the case. Through further investigations, the police of the task force used big data to hunt down the ground and found that the criminal gang was spread all over the country, with large-scale agents in multiple provinces, involving hundreds of millions of real personal data, and the social reality is very harmful.

  Under the vigorous guidance and command coordination of the Ministry of Public Security and the Public Security Department of Shanxi Province, the police of the task force expanded investigations based on existing clues. After mastering all the criminal facts of the criminal gang, Thunder attacked and went to Jiangxi, Shanghai, Sichuan, In Fujian, Guangdong and other places, the remaining five criminal suspects were arrested and brought to justice, and more than 1.1 million yuan of funds involved in the case were seized and frozen, 1 set of real estate and 1 vehicle. The victimized company sent a letter of thanks to the Public Security Bureau of Luliang City to express gratitude for the timely detection of the case.

  At present, the 7 criminal suspects involved in the case have been arrested according to law, and the case is under further investigation.

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  The so-called "dark web" is a hidden network that ordinary netizens cannot search and access through conventional means, and they need to use some specific software, configuration, or authorization to log in. In view of the anonymity and concealment of the "dark web", criminals often use it as a basis to carry out illegal and criminal activities that infringe on citizens' personal information, which not only seriously infringes the privacy rights of the people, but also easily induces telecommunications network fraud and bank fraud. Downstream crimes such as card and other crimes are deeply resented by the general public and have a strong response.

  The police in Luliang, Shanxi reminded that the “dark web” is not an “outside the law” and “a paradise for avoiding sin.” Justice must defeat evil as the eternal truth. Lvliang Public Security will always focus on the people, continue to crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities on the Internet, rectify the illegal and criminal ecology of the Internet, curb the high incidence of online crimes, continue to crack down on the online order, and further create a safe, clear and orderly network environment .

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