HSE warns that sensitive personal information data in its possession may have been leaked on the dark web

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Ireland's Health Service Executive is warning people everywhere to remain vigilant amid fears that sensitive information from the HSE has been posted on the dark web.

There is evidence that criminals known as the Wizard Spider cartel have sold confidential patient information to other criminals who will now use it to extort cash from the Irish public.

Former Health Minister Simon Harris said the release of more patient data on Monday could be a "real risk.

He told RTE's Politics Weekly that the data dump has already begun. The minister said, "There is evidence that in some cases this may have happened and has been confirmed by the police.

"There is a very important message, really important, that if you are contacted for bank details, please return it. The state will never contact you by phone or email to ask for your bank details.

"In my experience, the state will never contact you with an offer to pay you back." In a statement, the government warned the public to contact police if they are contacted by anyone claiming to have their data.

The statement reads, "The theft and disclosure of medical data would be a particularly despicable crime because it involves sensitive information. Any public release of this data would be illegal. "

"The government urges anyone who has reason to suspect they have been the victim of this cyber attack to report it to their local police station or through the Police Department Confidential Hotline. The line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 1800 666 111."

What data do the hackers have?

It is understood that anyone who has ever used HSE services is potentially at risk and there are concerns that some patients, including those treated for sexually transmitted diseases, could be victims of extortion. A government statement released Sunday said hackers had access to "sensitive personal information."

There were concerns last night that hackers have begun dumping that information online through the dark web. Top physician public body Medical Times Ireland received several reports yesterday from members of the public who were called to what looked like Dublin by a person claiming to be from a hospital. The caller knew the individual's date of birth, PPS number and the date they were admitted to the hospital.

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