Heavy-handed crackdown on “dark net” crime – Watch out for new cybercrime hotspots

The "dark web" is a new type of Internet-based network that has emerged in recent years. If the commonly used Internet is the "bright web", the deeper part of the "bright web" is the "dark web". The "dark web". Compared with the Internet, the characteristics of the dark network are mainly reflected in: first, it is hidden, it is hidden in the deep network of the Internet, ordinary Internet users can not see the dark network, and can not log into the dark network through conventional Internet means; second is a special way to access the Internet, you need to use some specific software and parameter configuration to log into the dark network; third is a special payment method, the main way to pay for transactions on the dark network is the internationally accepted bitcoin, which is a virtual electronic currency. This is a virtual electronic currency that does not require personal information of both parties to the transaction and is difficult to trace. In recent years, the scope of the dark web has been expanding, and the number of Internet users has been increasing, with a large amount of harmful information and criminal activities, and the dark web has become a new hotbed of cybercrime.

In the face of this situation, China's public security organs continue to increase the fight against illegal activities on the dark network, and has achieved certain results. 2020, Jining City public security organs in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, in-depth "net 2020" special action, for serious impact on public order, endangering network security of various types of network The special crackdown on illegal and criminal activities has uncovered a number of new cybercrime cases.

In early April this year, the Jining Public Security Bureau Internet Police detachment received a tip that someone was teaching the use of the dark web through a YouTube video sharing site and promoting a dark web site called "Time Road Trading Platform". After investigation by the network police, found that the dark web site published a lot of guns and ammunition, drugs and obscene videos and other trading information, the situation caused the Shandong Provincial Public Security Department Network Security Headquarters and the Jining City Bureau attached great importance, quickly formed a task force to work. Through repeated analysis and forensics of the dark web site, the entire structure of the site was basically identified, and the site operator was identified. After careful investigation, the two suspects were finally arrested and tools such as computers and cell phones were seized for the crime. The two suspects built a trading platform through the dark web, selling prohibited items and realizing them through illegal means.

This is a typical case of using dark web sites to commit fraudulent crimes, and the detection of the case provides a reference for the local judiciary to further combat and punish this new type of cybercrime activity.

Because of its secrecy and difficulty of traceability, the dark web has become a new cyberspace for criminals and extremist groups to engage in criminal activities, seriously endangering public safety and public interest, and bringing new challenges to cyberspace governance. The dark net is not a place outside the law. The relevant police departments of Jining public security organs have been studying the characteristics of the dark net, tracking its development and analyzing the law of crime, and have worked out the investigation strategies and methods to combat dark net crimes, and are increasing their efforts to investigate and combat dark net crimes in all aspects, never letting the dark net become a "haven" for new cyber crimes. The "haven" of new cybercrime.

The police reminded everyone: the dark net is dangerous, use caution.

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