Hacker group called REvil has removed the schematics of the next-generation MacBook from the dark web

Allegedly, the notorious REvil hacker group has deleted all content of the ransomware attack on Apple supplier Quanta Computer from its dark web blog.

REvil claimed last week that after infiltrating Quanta's internal computers in Taiwan, they had accessed images and schematics of unreleased Apple products, including the company's next-generation MacBook. 

The organization released 21 screenshots depicting the principles of the MacBook as evidence of the success of the attack, and threatened that unless a ransom of $50 million was paid, new data would be released every day until May 1.

According to reports, Quanta refused to pay the ransom to recover the stolen data. As a result, the hacker decided to blackmail Apple instead.

However, MacRumours reported that the hacker organization has deleted all content related to the blackmail attempt, and the time of the blackmail coincided with Apple's "spring conference", in which the company announced its first one. M1 iMac.

In addition, according to MacRumours' report, no other stolen files have been leaked online since the initial request was made public.

It is not clear why REvil (which is usually accompanied by the threat of publishing confidential documents) seems to have eliminated the threat to Apple, and whether it is because Apple paid the ransom demand remains to be seen.

Although Quanta confirmed in a statement to Bloomberg that its server was compromised, Apple has not yet publicly commented on the malicious behavior.

The spokesperson said: "The information security team of Quanta Computer has cooperated with external IT experts to respond to a small number of cyber attacks on Quanta servers, adding that "this hacking has no substantial impact on the company's business operations."

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