Guangdong Fengkai police busted the use of dark network infringement of personal information case, seized data nearly 100 million

  Guangdong Province Fengkai Public Security Bureau released news that they sent the case to the procuratorial authorities for prosecution on suspicion of infringement of citizens' personal information. So far, a case of illegal profit for the purpose of infringement of nearly 100 million pieces of personal information of citizens of illegal crime, waiting for the suspects will be the strict punishment of the law.

  This year, Fengkai Province Public Security Bureau to combat the network of black and gray industry chain of action. January, Fengkai Public Security Bureau police found in the work of the jurisdiction of someone using the network trafficking in citizens' personal information, causing serious personal and property hazards to the people in the jurisdiction. March 10, the network police brigade jointly with Nanfeng, Heng Hua police station organization police in Nanhai District, Foshan City, arrested in one fell swoop suspected of infringing on citizens' personal information The three suspects, the scene seized the crime computer, cell phones, a number of bank cards, as well as the suspects illegally obtained a large amount of personal information of citizens.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. "The two of them "hit it off" and started to work together. The suspects have been using virtual currencies such as "USDT" and "Ether" for financial settlement. In order to escape from the public security crackdown, the suspects are so called "the organs are exhausted, the use of "USDT","Ether" and other virtual currencies for financial settlement, in the knowledge that the purchase of personal information of citizens may be used for fraud and other illegal crimes, but still recklessly sold these citizen information for profit. In just a few months, the two obtained a huge amount of citizen information by illegal means, nearly 100 million pieces of information sold for a profit of nearly 80,000 yuan.

The public security bureau of Fengkai has uncovered a case of personal information infringement using the dark network.

  Public security authorities in the process of seized cell phones, computers, USB flash drives and other electronic devices of the suspects for solid evidence, found that the illegal access to large amounts of personal information of citizens in a wide range of categories: including car owners vehicles, property owners, personal communications, school registration, online loans, online shopping, stock investment and so on. Once these personal information is used by others for illegal and criminal activities, the consequences will be unimaginable, and after this case is solved, the suspects will be severely punished by law.

  Fengkai public security organs prompted every citizen to do a good job of protective measures to protect personal information to prevent leakage, civilized and law-abiding network life.

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