A truck driver was sentenced after illegally obtaining personal information and selling it on the dark web

  A young man came into contact with the "dark web" out of curiosity, and then reselled his citizens' personal information on the "dark web" because of lack of money, thinking that he was doing something concealed, but he did not know that the legal web was restored and that breaking the law would eventually cost him.

  After illegally obtaining 2080G data including Xuexin.com data, 12306 railway passenger information, email accounts, addresses, etc., they used the "dark web" to sell them for profit-Ningbo Cixi Court recently sentenced a case of infringement of citizens' personal information, and Wang was sentenced to a certain period of time Imprisoned for three years and eight months and fined 15,000 yuan.

  33-year-old Wang is from Hebei and a truck driver. In August 2020, Wang downloaded a foreign chat software over the wall, and met a netizen named "Little Torch" during the use (have been captured and dealt with in another case), "Little Torch" said that he has related customer names, Information data such as mobile phone number, and information data link of about 80G household registration, car owner, etc. were sent to Wang, and a few days later, 2000G information data link was sent to Wang free of charge. After downloading from the network disk, Wang found that the information included Xuexin.com data, 12306 railway passenger information, and email account addresses. Since then, Wang published a large number of advertisements for sale of personal information in the "dark web" group, and sold some data, making a profit of several thousand yuan, and also made profits by teaching others to go to the "dark web". When questioned by the prosecutors, he explained that he knew that the data sold contained a lot of personal information. Scalping was illegal, but he took risks because he owed online loans and usury. In September 2020, the public security agency captured Wang and randomly selected 65,000 pieces of data stored in his laptop and online disk for comparison, and found that 61817 pieces of personal information were true and valid.

  Wang violated relevant national regulations by illegally obtaining citizens’ personal information and selling them to others. The circumstances were particularly serious. His behavior violated Article 253 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China. He should be investigated for the crime of infringing on citizens’ personal information. criminal responsibility. In the end, the Cixi Procuratorate sued Wang to the Municipal People's Court for suspected infringement of citizens' personal information. Wang was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison and fined RMB 15,000.

Prosecutor's Statement

  The so-called "dark web" refers to a type of technical means that uses encrypted transmission, P2P peer-to-peer networks, etc. to provide users with anonymous Internet information access. The biggest feature of the "dark web" is that it has been encrypted, and ordinary browsers and search engines cannot Enter, and use Bitcoin as the transaction currency, it is difficult to trace the user's true identity and location, the concealment is strong, and the investigation is difficult.

  The dark web is not an "outside the law" and "a haven for sin". The majority of netizens must increase their legal awareness, use a civilized Internet, and do not touch the bottom line of the law for their own interests. At the same time, everyone should raise their awareness of prevention, do not sign authorization letters at will when installing APPs and browsing the web, and strictly protect personal information.

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