3.8 billion Clubhouse users’ phone numbers sold on the dark web

The only data leaked from #Clubhouse, the popular audio chat app, was cell phone numbers and no other information.

"A database containing 3.8 billion #Clubhouse user phone numbers is for sale on the dark web," Jiten Jain, a leading cybersecurity expert, wrote on Twitter.

"It also contains address book contact numbers that users have synced. So even if you haven't logged into Clubhouse, chances are your information is in the library for sale." Jain added.

However, the audio chat app has not yet confirmed the alleged data breach.

According to independent security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia, hackers are selling alleged Clubhouse data that contains only cell phone numbers and no names.

"There are no names, photos or any other details. This list of phone numbers can be generated very easily. The claims of a data breach appear to be false," Rajaharia told International Online.

In February, researchers at Stanford University warned that the app could have leaked users' audio data to the Chinese government.

The Stanford University Internet Observatory (SIO) claimed that Agora, a Shanghai-based provider of real-time interactive software, provides the back-end infrastructure for the Clubhouse app.

Clubhouse recently announced that it is now out of beta and open to all.

The company said it has eliminated its waiting list system so that anyone can join the platform without hassle.

The company says 10 million people have joined the community since it launched on Android in mid-May.

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