Using the law to jam the necks of “darknet” offenders

  The Internet is well known, but there is an "underworld" of the Internet that is not well known. Not long ago, in the Ministry of Public Security held a press conference on the "net 2019" special action, through the notification of some typical cases, many people knew for the first time a term - "dark net".

  What is the "dark web"? The "dark web", also known as the "invisible web" or "hidden web", refers to a collection of resources stored in a network database that cannot be accessed through ordinary links and requires access using dynamic web technology, and is an anonymous network based on the Internet that is encrypted. In recent years, the "dark web" has given rise to a large number of illegal crimes of all kinds, using the network as a tool for linkage. For example, the sale of guns, ammunition, drugs, peddling of personal information of citizens, provision of hacking tools, teaching of hacking techniques, cyber-attacks, production and sale of obscene goods, etc. The "dark net" has become a "Pandora's box" that hides dirt, causing security threats to the country and society, as well as losses to the property of the people.

  Staring into the "dark web" is like staring into the abyss. In earlier years, the Internet was described as "web surfing", but now there are more and more reefs and dangers to be wary of underwater. Some experts pointed out that, although countries have been continuously cracking down on "darknet" crimes, there is still considerable difficulty in technical, institutional and other aspects. In particular, because of the anonymity and secrecy of the "darknet", its members use bitcoin for transactions, etc., and communication is also very hidden, making it very difficult to obtain evidence in the "darknet" environment. In addition, it has features such as dynamic pages and difficult to trace back, making it more difficult for law enforcement to crack down on this form of crime.

  The "dark web", though hidden, cannot be a place of escape from the law and a "haven" from crime. The rectification of the "dark web" requires an unconventional way of thinking and approach. First, technological innovation needs to be continuously deepened. Cooperation between the Government and enterprises on darknet technologies should be strengthened, and special projects and research on darknet governance technologies should be organized, so that the technical capacity of darknet management and control can be formed as soon as possible to meet China's cyberspace governance needs and squeeze the living space of the darknet. Second, the legislative framework for "darknet" security should be strengthened. While fully implementing the Cybersecurity Law, the national legislature and law enforcement agencies need to expedite the enactment of laws and regulations on the security of the "dark web", to clarify the social harm caused by crimes committed through the "dark web", and to keep on jamming the necks of the "dark web" in the laws and regulations on illegal crimes. Thirdly, international cooperation must be strengthened. The Internet has no national boundaries, and many "darknet" criminal cases involve multiple countries and regions behind, "darknet" crime is rampant, no country can and cannot stay out of it, need to say goodbye to their respective policies and work together to achieve the effect. The parties concerned should actively participate in the development of an international environment and code of conduct for the governance of dark networks, based on the concept of a "community of human destiny", so that they can work together to establish a democratic and transparent model of governance and combating dark network crime with multilateral participation and consistent responsibilities.

  Of course, in cyberspace, if one wants one's rights to be treated with the least amount of reckoning, it also depends on every cyber participant consciously increasing their awareness of cyber security protection.

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