The famous Darknet information site Darknetlive has changed hands and been sold, and the new administrator made an announcement that the flames were passed

Darknetlive ( is a darknet news and information site covering darknet marketplaces and other darknet activities. darknetlive's regular topics include arrests of major drug dealer "suppliers" and various information surrounding darknet marketplace activity and closures. In addition, Onion links to several dark websites, particularly dark web marketplaces, are posted.

However, Darknetlive is not involved in dark web crimes, as it does not participate in the operation of dark web marketplaces, but only publishes objective news reports. A Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) document has mentioned that non-commercial sites such as Darknetlive are "legitimate portals" to dark web marketplaces. Europol has also stated that "Sites such as and have taken over DeepDotWeb's role as information hubs ".

Recently, "ODN" discovered that Darknetlive has released a new announcement announcing that it has changed owners, called "Darknetlive v2 - Passing the Flame".

End of an Era

Darknetlive has maintained a great reputation on reporting the latest trends and stories on the darknet. It has lived up to it's standards for being the sole just and extensive resource for researchers and users for information regarding the respective field. For personal reasons, the old administrator has decided to leave the scene, and has left the site for his most supportive authors to maintain. We will be forever grateful that he chose to entrust this site to us.

Moving Onward

The entire site has been rewritten in order to solve issues that resulted from only utilizing pure markdown. Formats, layouts, and theme should not have changed much. Our new team hopes to uphold the legacy of Darknetlive and will commit our best efforts to do so from here on out.
Please note that the pgp key has rotated, so has the onion address as well.

The announcement shows that the new Darknetlive website has not changed its explicit domain name, website format, layout, and theme, but other information, including the PGP key, has changed, the most intuitive change is that the darknet domain name and official email address have been changed.

The new darknet domain name of the Darknetlive website is


The new official email address (the former email address has been abandoned and emails will be forwarded to the new address) is

[email protected]

The old darknet domain name of the Darknetlive website is


It can still be opened normally, only it has not been updated since October.

In this regard, some netizens suspect that Darknetlive was acquired by the new management team, and the purpose of the acquisition is most likely to promote the darknet market or darknet website because Darknetlive has a high reputation and recognition.

The famous Reddit forum user "brother2018" posted a "Darknetlive Alert" post warning that Darknetlive sold their website. Do not trust until further notice, their PGP keys are not for sale. The post everyone spread the news.

On November 2, also prominently alerted on their website and tweeted

ALERT: Darknetlive sold their site. do not trust darknetlive[.] Do not trust darknetlive[…] com until further notice. Their personal PGP key was not sold.
For years DNL was one of the few credible news sources for "darknet" happenings. Have information? tips at darkdot dot com

If Darknetlive's upgrade is a passing of the flame, a legacy of darknet culture, it will be welcomed worldwide. But if it's about spreading malicious darknet sites, and darknet marketplaces, it will only go down the drain.

Whether the new Darknetlive website is reliable or not, "ODN" will continue to keep an eye on it.

For more darknet news, please follow "ODN“.

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