The dark web market Vice City is unable to withdraw BTC, which may be an “exit scam”

The Vice City market has been operating steadily for three years. Its users have gradually increased over the past few months and have remained online and operational for most dark web users. However, rumors about the "exit scam" of the market have lasted for nearly four months, and some recent incidents experienced by users seem to confirm the suspicions of many people.

According to reports, as early as April 13, the Dread Forum received the first report of Vice City Market's unpaid withdrawal. After that, the situation snowballed, with dozens of similar complaints appearing in the Vice City sub-forum and elsewhere. Other reported issues include private mirrors no longer working, deposits and withdrawals being disabled, main site URL captcha unable to verify, PGP verification issues, and the market's 2FA login system not working.

In the past week or so, some users of the Vice City market have continued to post reports on the Dread Forum about the problems with the dark web market, from "unable to log in" and "market inaccessible" to "deposits disabled" and "unable to withdraw coins", to "customer support tickets not being answered in time". 

For example, two weeks ago, a user named "PharmaTek" posted on the Dread Forum that "vendors here have not been paid and submitted tickets have not been replied to." In response, one user said, "Part of the BTC deposit address says 'Temporarily unavailable'. Maybe they're doing maintenance? I don't know how long deposits have been disabled. We're also waiting for withdrawals." However, the original poster later said "customer service has responded and the issue has been resolved."

A week ago, the user "trina" asked, "Do others frequently have withdrawal issues too? My last withdrawal has been pending for two days now. And no matter what you choose, they charge a very high fee. Is it just me?" Many users also responded that withdrawals took more than 24 hours with no response and no reply to user tickets. User "rockleo" also posted expressing the same issue. User "mrpurple1999" even said he had a support ticket open for three weeks with no response. User "ExoticAlienPacks" posted asking, "Withdrawals haven't arrived in a week. Is this an 'exit scam'?" 

On April 24, the user "Adlerangriff" posted "ViceCity is officially exit scamming!". He said:

Alt account for opsec.

I recently discovered logs regarding the last few days of ViceCity's market. The info suggests that the market is actually going through "some" type of change that will eventually lead to the markets demise. What exactly that is? I have no idea. But it could be anything from an exit scam to LE Taking over the site.

I am still going through. But I can say for 100% certain that something is about to happen.
Please if you haven't already, perform the necessary actions in order to stay safe and possibly recover your losses. I will update if I find any more info.

I wish everyone the best luck. Hopefully it is just an exit scam and nothing more.

EDIT: I will provide some type of source code or log to show what I am seeing. Maybe someone else with more experience will be able to provide better information than I can. I will post on my account tomorrow.

On April 30, Vice City vendor "Vice-City-Vendor" reported yesterday on the Dread Forum that they are vendors of Vice City. Since April 21, they have lost funds (a withdrawal of $400 did not arrive). Today they were able to access the site and made another withdrawal ($250). They opened a support ticket but have not received any response or funds so far.

On May 1, Dread Forum user "NO-LIMIT-DEUTSCHLAND" posted a PGP message: 'Warning! Vice City may exit scam! Warning!', saying that they and many others were unable to withdraw funds from the Vice City market. They lost over €1,000! Do not place any orders or deposit money on this site until further notice! The user's Sonar username is "NO-LIMIT" and others can contact him via Sonar.

Currently, the Vice City market can register, log in, and access normally, and most functions are working properly. The main issue seems to be the inability to withdraw coins and lack of response to tickets.

The Vice City market's dark web V3 URL is: 


The Vice City market was launched in May 2020 and has gained considerable notoriety in its nearly three years of operation. Although during this process, the dark web market suffered considerable downtime and connection issues, basic functions were often unavailable, and customer support sometimes took weeks to follow up on requests or complaints, but was always able to eventually recover. Therefore, the current issues with the market may only be temporary. Let's be patient and wait. "ODN" will continue to monitor. 

"ODN" reminds that before the recent complaints about withdrawals on the Vice City market are resolved, please do not use this dark web market.

For more dark web news and updates, please follow "ODN".

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