Exposure of an English dark web prepaid card provider, Hidden Cards, verified as a fraudulent website

"ODN" has recently received a report from "DD", an enthusiastic netizen, that "Hidden Cards", an English-language dark web prepaid card provider, is a fraudulent website, and said "This is a fraudulent website. I have been cheated", $100 to buy a lesson. After receiving the report, "ODN" found the URL of the dark web site V3 of the dark web prepaid card provider "Hidden Cards" from the "666 dark web directory". After carefully examining the dark web site, combined with other users' comments, we concluded that "Hidden Cards" is indeed a fraudulent website, and promptly shared the conclusion with the official email address of "666 Dark Web Directory" via email. Today, we are glad to see that the dark web site "Hidden Cards" is already in the list of "scam sites" in the "666 Dark Web Directory" category.

"Hidden Cards' dark web onion domain name is http://nhkotz23d7zbxbdjupg4rptjzcaruqwx2qy7qwtby3hon5rr4yaddfqd.onion

Currently in the 666 Dark Web Directory, we find that the administrator has placed the dark web site "Hidden Cards" in the "Scam Sites" category, and marked it In the description of "Hidden Cards", we see a simple description as follows: "Prepaid card provider". However, in the comments, we can see that a user commented on March 6, 2022: "I was scammed for $100, and I saw someone on tg who was scammed for $500, and damn it, he made his own guarantee site. A check of his btc address income of more than $8,000 will know that no less than a hundred people were cut, Chinese people see do not be cheated". Perhaps the netizen "DD" did not see the comment before, if he saw, then he should not be cheated.

The dark net prepaid card provider "Hidden Cards" also provided two official customer service Telegram numbers, @cards_hidden and @Hidden_Cards. The user "DD" said he had contacted the customer service, but "he deleted me".

According to the website of the darknet prepaid card provider "Hidden Cards", the website was established in 2017 and is full of convincing words: "Trusted prepaid card provider" and "All payments are provided with the Onion escrow SAFESCROW."

The site offers a guarantee website at

It is also supposed to be run by it, which makes no sense, and is just a brilliant scam.

The "Hidden Cards" website is described as follows.

What we sell?

This is a prepaid debit cards with minimum balance $3500.
For more detail please read Terms and Conditions

Main order information:

To buy you need to choose the card below and click on it to buy
On the next page, you will find a payment screen with the order number — after payment is necessary to send to us this number.
All payments are provided with the Onion escrow SAFESCROW. (The link below). escrow
All cards have the minimum balance — $3500
All cards costs $100
These cards can be used to shop online, to shop in stores and you can use them to cash out in ATMs worldwide

This is not all cards, that we have to offer for you. We have a lot of other cards with the same balance. If you want to buy 10 or more cards please contact us by NULL Message or Telegram. We will made a special offer for you.
Also we have cards with balance more than 10 000$. If you want to by such cards, please contact us by e-mail or Telegram.

It also claims to offer debit cards with three balances: cards with a minimum balance of $3,500 for $100; cards with a minimum balance of $5,000 for $150; and cards with a minimum balance of $10,000 for $200.

After submitting the order, the site provides a bitcoin top-up address: 1BGzCtMT9K5KFqvL59aoZ2oQsxi9hYrp7X, after checking the blockchain transaction records, the address first fraud success is April 30, 2021, so far there are 97 transaction records, has been fraudulent 0.21800592 BTC, the current market value of $6500. This is the price of Bitcoin after it has dropped by half its value. If at the high point, the scammer would have earned more than $13,000, or 87,000 RMB.

The latest scam at the bitcoin address was on May 20, when it successfully scammed 0.00228208 BTC.

The screenshot shows that user "DD" topped up 0.00327 bitcoins at the address on May 17, worth about $100, in an attempt to purchase a prepaid debit card with a minimum balance of $3,500, with the following transaction record:


After the transfer, it did not ship, and then Telegram was pulled, only to learn of the scam.

Given that "666 Dark Web Directory" has placed the dark web site in the "scam sites" category, "ODN" still reminds everyone to be worried and pay attention before making a payment in the dark web Identify fraudulent websites, if necessary, please contact:[email protected], PS: "ODN" does not charge consultation fees.

For more dark net news, please pay attention to "ODN".

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