Does Tor Browser and Brave Browser support real-time full-page translation, exclusive science

Currently, most of the websites on the dark web are in English, Russian and other languages. For many Chinese (or other countries that do not use English ) students who are on the dark web, they do not fully grasp English and Russian languages, so they may have many inconveniences when browsing.

"ODN" has searched and tested previous methods and current plugins and components in the browser store, and confirmed that Tor Browser can use "Translate Web Pages" plugin to automatically translate entire pages with one click. The Brave Browser does not have a good way to translate whole pages with one click, but it can support word translation or send translation to specified pages with one click.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is based on the Firefox browser development design, so for the Firefox plug-in components, Tor Browser is supported by default, we install the same as the plug-in installation in Firefox browser can be installed.

Installation method.

1. From the option to open the "Add-ons and themes", and then search for "translate"; or directly open the page:

2. Select "Translate Web Pages by Filipe Ps" to open it; or open the page directly: =search

3. Click on "Add to Firefox", then click on "Continue to Installation" in the upper left corner, click on "Add" when the download is complete, and give the plug-in permission.

4. In the "Add-ons" page (enter "about:addons" in the address bar to open), find the "Translate Web Pages" you just installed, click it to enter the management page of the addon, in the "Details" tab, check "Allow" for "Run in Private Windows", and in " Options" tab, select "Chinese (Simplified)" for "Target language 1", that is, the default Simplified Chinese, then the settings are finished.(Use Chinese for example)


In fact, the same method as Google Chrome, take "666 Dark Web Site Directory" as an example:

1. Click the icon on the top right corner, click "Translate", as follows.

2. Click the right button and select "Translate to Chinese (Simplified)", as follows.

3. Translation result, as follows.

Tor Onion Browser has finished the real-time Chinese translation, you can surf on foreign dark web sites like Google Chrome!

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is built on Chromium web browser, which is actually Chrome kernel, and uses Chrome's online store:

Since Chrome comes with a full-page translation function, which can translate the content of a page completely, it seems that the translation components provided by Chrome's online store are either word translation or word translation sent to a specific page, rather than a full-page translation similar to the one provided by Chrome itself, so Brave Browser's privacy tab "Private Tabs with Tor" of Brave Browser does not support full-page translation for the time being.

"ODN" will pay attention to and release the full page translation of Brave Browser if it is supported in the future.

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