Beware of scammers on the dark web and in Telegram groups (II)

The last time "ODN(" introduced the case of a netizen of the "Darknet Exchange Group" (@anwangxia) who was cheated, and told everyone that all those who claim "payment before delivery" and "payment before service" must be scammers. "The "first payment, then service" must be a scammer! But the successor is still someone, recently "Onion666 dark network directory group" (@onion666666) and two netizens were cheated.

The first case, the typical first payment after the goods

The first thing that I want to do is to get the information from the internet. I also hope to understand what can be done under the introduction of friends), so "people wealth Wang" believe, after some negotiation price, 360 articles count 75USDT, "people wealth Wang" counter-offer 40USDT, the other party promised, so "First payment, then goods", so the payment is no goods! Payments blockchain address:

The person said it would take 5 minutes and the person would disappear, so he kept changing his nickname, first to "call" and then to an emoji nickname. The scammer's username is @jjkfufdyf, but a username can also be changed.

The second case,one person playing two roles in a fake guarantee

The first is that a Malaysian netizen, "@kingking8896", was scammed out of $1,545 by a fake guarantee with one person playing two roles, one as the seller and one as the guarantee "Ling Feng Guarantee", both of which are actually scammers. As long as you give the money, then there is no then. The netizen was scammed and attacked Chinese people in the group, but in fact, there are scammers everywhere, although speaking Chinese, it is impossible to tell where the scammers come from, no matter the dark net, Telegram is a virtual world, no law to follow.

The scammers have used the following usernames: @ jjkfufdyf, @tszs8
The scammers have used the USDT collection address: TErS7cS2hfxseNEYxstogPpVoUiZmqSRNK
Please screen carefully and take precautions!

"ODN(" is still the same word, the community in the dark web, Telegram should be five or six out of ten are scammers, all claiming "payment first and then goods", "payment first and then service All those who claim "payment before delivery" and "payment before service" must be scammers! If you want to avoid being scammed, please stay away from the dark web and Telegram!

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