Teach you to navigate the dark web, but the dark web is not a good place.

Darknet, stealthnet, deepnet, sounds pretty scary, doesn't it. With the media push, these things do become mysterious and untouchable. But, honestly, what's so hard about it, isn't every darknet user a computer whiz?

What is the dark web?
The difference here is that all pages that cannot be searched directly by search engines are part of The Hidden Web. The media has created an iceberg theory that the vast majority of the Internet is a haven for criminals, and it's ridiculous that where there are people, there are lakes and lakes, and where there are people, there is crime. The point to clarify here is that there are indeed many hidden nets, but not the dark net we are about to discuss.
Darknet sites, numbering in the tens of thousands, closed from time to time, open from time to time, have illegal porn, drug and gun deals, and of course, FBI phishing sites. This is also known to all.
The URL of dark web sites is generally the same: https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/, which is not accessible with a normal browser, but rather an encrypted browser, our Tor.

How to use Tor
Encryption, encryption, encryption! It's important! If you don't want to be carried a hammer to your home one day, choose a reliable VPN and keep it up.
Then we'll go to the Tor website and download and install your Tor browser
And then we'll open it and select Configure, because China has blocked Tor, so we need a bridge.
Choose "My country has blocked Tor."

Our first choice is to select the built-in bridge, here select "meek-azure" and click OK.
Then the wait began, and everything was slow with Tor, which is essentially a highly encrypted browser.
If you succeed, you'll see the following interface:
If you fail, you'll need to get your own bridges, click on the official Tor project to get 3 bridges, and paste them in the Tor network settings by clicking on "Enter bridge".
At this point, we are connected to the Tor encrypted network and have access to dark web sites.

PS: DuckDuckGo is a search engine for the dark web, and we do have access to the usual web, but it's too slow, and it's pointless.

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