How to access the dark web

First, Introduce what the dark web is.
Our daily use of search engines can not be found, only on the computer to carry out a series of special operating settings or in the special software under the assistance or special authorization of the local machine before access to a network - that is, called "darknet". The data in the "darknet" is transmitted and exchanged in a "stealthy" way that is very difficult to retrieve by conventional means, as is the server address. In addition, the high level of privacy that characterizes the way in which users communicate with each other, the high demands on the means and network technology to carry out the interception, and the difficulty in deciphering the intercepted information. The darknet is a branch of the deepnet, which is currently available through the "Onion Network" or "I2P Network". Statistics show that the number of domains on the surface network that we normally see is only 1/400 to 1/500 of the dark network.
Dark webs are now widely used in cybercrime by lawless elements due to their inherent stealthy nature. From individual acts of network hacking, digital currency trading, private sale of illegal prohibited goods to the will of the state espionage operations, all rely on the hidden services of the dark network, therefore, the existence of the dark network to prevent new types of networks, the economy, endangering national security and other crimes poses a serious challenge, especially the public security and national security departments in the investigation and handling of crimes to trace the source poses a great challenge. The darknet is also listed as one of the new cyber threats due to its immense hazard characteristics.

Second, let's show you how to access the dark web.
The first thing to do is to download the tor browser, which is a no-trace browser. It works by jumping your IP to a series of proxies, where the data is encrypted to hide the real visitor's IP and prevent tracking of the visitor. Visit:
After decompression:

Just open it up and that's it:

The IP will change every time a new connection is requested, and access to the darknet is only possible through this browser.

This is what the dark web looks like. The sites are all onion endings (most of the transactions on this site are illegal, and the cryptocurrency in which they are traded is via bitcoin).

From:On DarkNet – Dark Web News and Analysis
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