Spanish man spends 15,000 euros to buy murder on dark web

A Pontevedra resident was arrested recently for allegedly hiring a hit man through the "dark web" to kill his ex-girlfriend.

Press Release. (Photo screenshot from the website of the newspaper La Voz de Galicia)

According to reports, the Spanish National Guard has officially arrested the suspect after an investigation. The incident began last November when a British media outlet was investigating an online scam on the dark web and they found information about it and notified Spanish police.

The information the police had at the time was that someone had prepaid 15,000 euros worth of bitcoins to a group of killers on the dark web in an anonymous manner and provided various personal information about the targeted women, including home addresses, places of work, car information, photos, etc.

Through their investigation, the police verified the identity of the suspect and his target and confirmed that they had been in a relationship four years earlier. The police thus determined that this case also falls within the crime area of gender violence.

The so-called killers are actually liars

However, what the man who bought the murder did not know was that the so-called killers who contacted him were actually a group of scammers. According to the police, the "killers" never intended to carry out the commission, but simply wanted to cheat the other side of the advance payment.

Police warn that most of the sites on the dark web are associated with illegal activities. A number of people use the dark web to search for information on arms trafficking, organ trading, human trafficking, and also hiring assassins and mercenaries at exorbitant prices, but most of them are scams. These scammers often offer bogus services and set up contracts with the scammed party with very strict conditions. The defrauded party often has no recourse to complain, because very often the act carried out by the defrauded person is itself a crime.

In any case, the suspects who bought the murder in this case have been brought to justice and brought to court for trial.

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